Showtime President David Nevins was in attendance at the 4th Annual Television Awards last Thursday and spoke to TV Line about what to expect in the upcoming season of Dexter.

“Dexter this season will be in some ways a return to the Dexter that you’ve seen in the early seasons,” Nevins revealed. “There’s a really interesting story and journey that he’s going to be on this year. There’s going to be some degree of getting back to his roots.”

Talking about whether Deb may discover Dexter’s secret this season Nevins hinted, “There will be a microscope on the Deb/Dexter relationship this season. Over time you’re going to see that relationship evolve and change, no questions about it.”

The Showtime President also hinted that Season 6 won’t necessarily have just the one bad guy. He didn’t reveal much but teased, “It is not one big bad. There’s one interesting story that will move through the season, and it will be cast very interestingly, but it’s not exactly that one person.”

Filming for season 6 is expected to take place later next month.

What do you think about these latest revelations?

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