9:45 am EST, March 2, 2013

Behind the scenes of ‘Dexter’ season 8: Week 3

We take a look at what’s been going on behind closed doors with Dexter, and reveal some very interesting news regarding Michael C. Hall.

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We begin this week by revealing some huge news regarding Dexter star Michael C. Hall. The ever-impressive actor has been handed the reins to direct the second episode of the eighth season, which has been revealed to be titled “Every Silver Lining.”

Jennifer Carpenter and Aimee Garcia were on hand to sing their praises on Twitter about just how good Michael C. Hall is at being a director. Maybe Hall will be doing more directing of the upcoming Dexter episodes? We’re sure they’ll be hoping so.

It looks like there just isn’t any room for mistakes when Hall is directing – just see for yourself what Jennifer Carpenter quotes him on!


Carpenter also shared a photo of some of the fun the cast and crew get up to whilst on set. It’s great to see they all don’t take each other too seriously, especially here with Hall mocking a bit of attitude along with a couple of the crew. This is work according to Carpenter. Lucky lady.


However, we’re not finished quite yet. The first three days of filming have already gone off to the edit suite for the Dexter editors to get their hands on after a lengthy break. Eric Fletcher, one of the steadicam operators for Dexter revealed the news earlier this week on Twitter. There’s going to be a fair chunk of rushes heading to those editors as we now know that episode two is firmly on its way.


Next up are two pieces of news from the actor’s state of affairs. Nick Gomez, who recently starred in The Walking Dead, has had his first date with Dexter after having several scenes shot with new recruit, Sean Patrick Flannery. Gomez jumped on Twitter to let fans know what he’s been up to on set.


And, just to give a glimpse of what their characters look like for the upcoming series, Gomez also shared this picture of them down below via his Instagram account.

But, again, this isn’t the only cast news we’ve learnt about this week. Victoria Vertuga has confirmed that she will be guest starring in season 8. We’re not sure what role she will be playing as of yet, but stay tuned to find out what capacity she’ll be involved with. Here’s what she had to say.


And there we have it for all your Dexter needs for this week. With episode two underway under the guidance of Michael C. Hall, how do you think his directorial debut for Dexter will be received by fans, and how will his vision be different than episodes of the past?

Dexter returns to Showtime on June 30.

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