The actress who plays Deborah on Showtime’s Dexter recently spoke with The Wrap about her role and why the character refused to believe her brother was a serial killer.


Q: Deb may be the smartest person on the show, yet she can’t see what her brother is doing. Do you ever go to the writers and say, “My character is too intelligent to not figure this out?”

A: I have a tool that helps me justify her not knowing and it’s worked for me up to this point. I feel like it’s due. But I feel like because Dexter is her only connection to her past she doesn’t look too closely. And it’s always the wife or the parents with the son living in the basement — the people who were closest to the person doing the horrible things — who are in the dark.

There are plenty of distractions going on in that [police] office to keep me focused on something else. I think she has all the pieces but she wouldn’t dare put them together.

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