6:10 pm EST, July 21, 2011

Detailed description of ‘Breaking Dawn’ honeymoon scene

Earlier today at the Breaking Dawn fan panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, director Bill Condon (alongside Rob Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner) debuted two new clips from Part 1.

We have details!

The first clip was an entirely new scene (not in the book) where Jacob, Carlisle, and Esme discuss Bella’s lack of blood and the need for Jacob to assist. He teams up with his former Wolf Pack brothers.

For the second scene we captured many more details. Here’s our account of it as it happened:

Bella walks into another area of the house. Bedroom. Stares at the bed, touches the curtains around the bed. Can see ocean in background. Edward looks at the bed. Tension between them as they consider going into the bed. Continue putting suitcases down. Edward and Bella hold each other's hands. Still lot of tension. Edward: "Want to go for a swim?" Bella: "Yeah, that sounds nice" (it's night time). Bella: "I could use just a few minutes." Edward kisses her. Edward: "Don't take too long." Edward walks outside. Takes off shirt to get into water. Bella goes to bathroom. Looks at herself in mirror. Fast paced scene. Brushes teeth, cleans mouth. Very nervous obviously. Fast paced scene with a song we don't know. Washing hands. Takes off wedding ring. Dries hands. Wipes water on forehead. Shaves legs. Picks out a bra to wear. Pulls out lingerie.. unsure about wearing it. Sits on ground in nervousness. Bella: "Don't be worried." Cut to going out into the water. Bella walks up to Edward in the moonlight. Bella is naked and walking towards the water. Edward already in.

Fans loved the scene and we think it’ll be a hit in theaters!

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