Watch deleted scene from ‘Girls’ season 1

9:15 pm EDT, December 5, 2012

Thanks to HBO Connect, an exclusive clip from  season 1 of Girls was released. Watch it now!

After reaching 5,000 mentions on Twitter, HBO Connect, a website that allows viewers to interact with their favorite shows on the network, unlocked this deleted scene from the first season of the hit show Girls. Fans tweeted their favorite quotes from the show along with the hashtag, “#GIRLSOverheard.”

The scene unfortunately didn’t make the cut for the first season of Girls, but it’s filled with creator and star Lena Dunham’s creative wit. Check it out below!

In this hilarious scene, Hannah once again tries (and fails) to get a job somewhere to delay potential starvation living in New York City without any money. She walks into the Little Cupcake Bakeshop – which actually exists in Brooklyn – to see what’s the deal with the resume she submitted.

The snarky cupcake connoisseurs blow Hannah off big-time, all the while poking fun at the pretentious baking trend that’s hit NYC by storm.

This scene and other ones that never made it into season 1 are featured the Girls first full season DVD and Blu-ray, available online now. From the looks of this deleted scene, the extra goodies included on the DVD and Blu-ray are sure to be worth the money.

What did you think of this deleted scene from season 1? Do you think it should have aired?


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