Grey’s Anatomy fans might have to read this headline twice. It’s true Chyler Leigh, whose Grey’s Anatomy character Lexie died after a plane crash, will now star in a new comedy for NBC on the same topic. Intrigued? Read more here.

Chyler Leigh will star in Holding Patterns on NBC according to The Hollywood Reporter. The comedy will center on a group of friends whose lives change after surviving a plane crash. Leigh will be playing Leah, who is described as an irresponsible and absent minded slacker, despite having a great mind and wit. Leah has opted to work at dead-ended jobs rather than try to succeed. The show will take place in Minneapolis where she lives with her two best friends Griffin and Sabrina, who we’re guessing will also be involved with the plane crash.

The show will be in multi-camera format and is spearheaded by Justin Spitzer of The Office. Spitzer is writing the Universal Television comedy and executive producing with Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan.

We’re not sure just how Grey’s Anatomy fans will take this news. After all, they’re still in the same season in which Lexie died from a plane crash. Many still seem to be getting over the loss of that beloved character. This move for Leigh might seem as a mock.

Shonda Rhimes responds to the news, and seems happy for her former star:

How do you feel about Leigh’s new role in Holding Patterns?

Photo credit:ABC

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