10:45 am EST, April 2, 2015

Ryan Reynolds confirms ‘Deadpool’ will be rated-R, in the best video interview ever

F*ck you, Slater!

Finally, we now know that Deadpool will be rated-R, after so much talk that the studio may drop the rating to try and get more butts in the seats. But, Ryan Reynolds himself revealed to Mario Lopez that they’re not f*cking around.

Deadpool has begun shooting in Vancouver, Canada, where Ryan Reynolds is from. In the April Fools video, Ryan reveals that the movie may end up being PG-13 like some rumors had suggested. Watch Deadpool kick some ass in the hilarious video below:

Of course Deadpool is going to be rated-R, and Ryan proves it by killing Mario Lopez in this fairly well-done video where he kills Lopez with a studio light after Lopez suggests that the studio is trying to keep the movie “family friendly.” Then he says, “Fuck you, Slater.” Referring to Mario’s time as Slater on his hit TV show Saved by the Bell.

We recently got our first official look at Deadpool, and he was lying down by a romantic fire, on a cozy bearskin-rug. If the promotional material for this movie continues like this, it’s going to be a massive success at the box office.

Despite its R-rating, we think its unique story and superhero/villain will put butts in the seats. The comic character is entirely different than anything the average moviegoer has seen in a movie, that they’re going to be blown away with just how unique the character is on the big screen.

Production is underway on Deadpool, hence the first look image, and Ryan Reynolds will most likely start keeping fans up-to-date on the ongoings that the onset hilarity brings. We’re excited to see this first image from the film, including this great video, and although we’ve seen the highly-praised leaked test footage, the image and the video are the start of probably one of the most eventful film promotions we’ll see in a very long time.

Morena Baccarin has been cast as the female lead in the film, and fans may know her most recently from her role on the hit Showtime show Homeland. Another recent report revealed that actress and MMA fighter Gina Carano will have a role in Deadpool, and T.J. Miller will have a supporting role.

Supposedly he’ll be bringing comic relief, although we can’t imagine this film will need much of that with the lead character being known as the “merc with a mouth.”

Deadpool hits theaters February 12, 2016.

Source: JoBlo

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