Deadpool 2 star Ryan Reynolds has revealed the name of the actress who will be playing Domino in the sequel.

Back in October we shared the shortlist for all the actresses who were rumored to be screentesting for the role of Domino in Deadpool 2. Surprisingly, none of the actresses on that list got the role.

That honor goes to Atlanta star Zazie Beetz.

We’d expect nothing less than a reveal like this from Deadpool himself.

Here’s an image of the actress:

The character biography for Domino is as follows:

The woman who would become known as Domino is actually the result of a top-secret government breeding program intended to develop the perfect weapon. Domino was the only test subject to survive, but her “luck” power was deemed a failure at meeting the project’s goals. Her biological mother broke her out of the project and left her with Father Rudolpho Boschelli in the Church of the Sacred Heart in Chicago.

Domino eventually left the Church and became a mercenary. One of her first jobs was to stop “Operation: Jericho,” which was a remote-controlled warbot project. Domino wrecked the robot, but in the process fried the mind of the soldier controlling it. She was then assigned to guard the genius Dr. Milo Thurman, whose analytical ability made him too dangerous for the government to let roam free. Somehow, Domino and Thurman fell in love and were married. Due to Thurman’s love of Dante’s Inferno, he called Domino “Beatrice.” The two separated after a raid on the facility by AIM members, with Milo believing Domino had been killed during the altercation.

In the time since the shortlist was revealed, we learned that Deadpool 2 would be directed by David Leitch and David Harbour could be playing Cable.

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