‘Dead Space 3’ co-op rumored

5:15 pm EDT, May 9, 2012

Dead Space 3 is rumored to feature a drop-in, drop-out cooperative multiplayer mode, new gameplay elements and enemies, and a new weapon system.

According to sources speaking to IGN, the yet unannounced Dead Space 3 will feature a mode that allows a partner to play with you through a campaign that will be similar to the single-player mode.

Issac Clarke will be able to “fight alongside a man with a gnarly scar on his face, an engineering RIG of his own, and glowing red eyes peering from his helmet,” that may actually be a part of the player character’s imagination.

For the first time, Issac will have to face human enemies as well as traditional Necromorphs.

The source also reaffirms the rumors of an ice planet setting for the game.

EA gave this statement to IGN concerning the report:

As you may have heard on the EA earnings call on Monday, John Riccitello said that a new title from the Dead Space franchise is coming this fiscal year.  We don’t have any more detail at this time.

What do you think of the possible changes to the Dead Space franchise?

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