9:28 am EDT, October 8, 2019

‘Daybreak’ trailer puts apocalyptic twist on high school

Daybreak is a new Netflix original series, and in the show’s trailer, we get an apocalyptic twist on the classic “surviving high school” comedy.

We love an off-beat comedy about the fun and nightmares of high school, but Netflix’s new show Daybreak takes that well-worn path and gives it a bit of a twist. While Josh might have been a regular high schooler, his life got a lot more intense when the apocalypse happened. Now we get to follow him and his friends as they survive the apocalypse and help Josh save the girl he loves.

The first trailer for the show released, and the show seems just outrageous and self-aware enough to be a ton of fun. Daybreak looks like it will be a gory, silly, and heartfelt take on the teenage apocalypse story.

Daybreak is set in a sort of zombie apocalypse (or Ghoulie apocalypse, because no one likes to say zombie anymore) that seems to have come to pass thanks to a nuclear bomb. While all of the adults have been transformed into Ghoulies, teens and kids are able to roam the world and make their own rules.

Of course, because this is still a teen sort-of high school drama, we still have those iconic cliques that are present in any high school tale. We’ve got the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, the chess club, and the like, but instead of sitting at different tables at the lunchroom, they’re facing off in deadly battles.

But Josh isn’t just out to gain power and post-apocalyptic popularity. He’s trying to make the world a little better, or at least save the girl he loves. And with his friends by his side, they might just pull it off.

Daybreak looks like it will be a fun take on the apocalypse and kids-run-the-earth stories. The show is premiering as a part of Netflix’s Netflix and Chills Halloween promotion, so we don’t have to wait long to check out this new show.

Daybreak premieres only on Netflix on October 24.

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