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Davina Claire is one character we NEED to return for ‘Legacies’

There is a laundry list of characters that would be awesome to see appear on Legacies in the near future, but Davina Claire is one we NEED to see again, and (hopefully!) soon.

When it comes to life experience, Davina Claire is your girl. Hell, when it comes to death experience she’s pretty much your girl, too. She has endured some of craziest twists and turns that The Originals has brought in its five season run. From Harvest girl to sacrifice to tortured soul and back again, Davina Claire knows what it takes to survive as a witch in this world and the next.

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Hell, she managed to outlast Klaus and Elijah after they used and abused her in more ways than one throughout the years. If she could make it through her tenure with the Mikaelsons, there shouldn’t be much that could threaten her life at a boarding school for the supernatural… right?

The end of The Originals closed the door on so many characters appearing in Legacies. Maybe somewhere down the line we will get a glimpse at Klaus or Elijah or Hayley in the afterlife, but, for now, we’re probably going to be Mikaelson-lite. It would be awesome to balance that Original void with Davina popping in regularly to teach a class in self-defensive magic or lecture about the importance of respecting the power that’s given to you.

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She has a lot of knowledge and experience to share, all gained because she lacked the guidance of a true mentor in her adolescent days as a witch. Marcel may love that girl like family now, but he didn’t teach or train her in the ways of magic very well when she was young. Davina had to figure out the hard way that there’s a difference between what you can do and what you should do when it comes to magic.

Davina would make an incredible role model, not only for Hope, but for so many of the young supernatural beings at the Salvatore school. In addition to everything she has to teach them, she’s also younger, and therefore closer to their ages than Alaric or Caroline, giving her an advantage. She can bond with these kids and show them why magic is fun and how to use it to enrich their lives without causing harm to anyone else.

davina claire

And we could get more of Kol and Davina’s story! After all, Kol is definitely the most mysterious of the remaining Mikaelsons. We’ve gotten to know Rebekah VERY well over the years, and Freya took on an important role in The Originals the last few seasons, which allowed us to get to know her well, too. I think we’d all be eager to see Kolvina move to Virginia and spend some time getting to know their niece. Family is everything to the Mikaelsons after all, and that shouldn’t stop just because the original ‘Always and Forever’ crew has disbanded.

And while I’d still love to learn that Freya has an active role in Hope’s life when we catch up with the remaining Mikaelsons in Legacies, I think Davina would be a wonderful complement to Freya in Hope’s magical education. Freya is a bit more doom and gloom and serious consequences, while Davina would definitely have a lighter touch. We would expect her mantra to be something like: Embrace the fun, arm yourself with the necessary, and master when exactly the best magic is no magic.

‘Legacies’ premieres Thursday, October 25 at 9 p.m. on The CW!

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