When Davina set off a magical nuke at the end of The Originals season 3, we didn’t think we’d be seeing her again, but where there’s a Mikaelson, there’s a way.

It was assumed when Davina Claire sacrificed herself setting off the equivalent of a magical nuke at the end of last season that we wouldn’t be seeing her again on The Originals. The explosion was intended to separate the real world witch community from the ancestors who had been trying every possible method to exact their agenda, and it was successful.

Even if her sacrifice didn’t kill her, the separation caused by the bomb meant that we wouldn’t be able to speak to the deceased witches anymore, effectively cutting off our line of communication with Davina as well. Little did we know, all it would take is a little outreach from Vincent and a couple of Harvest Girls and ta da! Our favorite witch is back… sort of.

She is only acting as a go-between for the ancestors at the moment, but considering that both the characters and fans thought Davina was gone for good, any appearance is a huge step forward. Davina has always been a force to be reckoned with, and has always acted on her own instincts and motivations before submitting to those around her. When and if she’s cooperated in the past, it’s almost always been her decision.

I have been a Davina Claire fan from the beginning, especially after watching a powerhouse teenage witch unleash her fury in one of the fiercest examples of power this show has ever seen, and I couldn’t be happier that she isn’t gone forever.

I’m not holding my breath that she will rejoin the land of the living (although we know that her bones were consecrated on New Orleans ground, so it’s possible), even temporarily, but seeing her as the final roadblock in the Hollow’s path to rebirth is a good start.

We can only hope that Davina Claire is going to continue to act as the liaison to all things ancestral (including after this Hollow threat is dealt with), but that has yet to be seen. Maybe… somehow… eventually she can get back to the land of the living. We know Kol would come running back to New Orleans faster than a vampire with a blood craving if he knew his love was on her way back to the world.

Are you happy that Davina Claire has returned to ‘The Originals’?

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