11:30 am EDT, April 30, 2013

David Giuntoli talks ‘Grimm’ season 2 finale; teases character death

Tonight, Grimm will air in its brand new Tuesday time slot at 10 p.m. EST after The Voice. David Giuntoli spoke with us about the Grimm season 2 finale and teases a character death may occur!

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Grimm would be moving from Friday to Tuesday nights. So far, the fans have seemed to have mixed feelings about the move. Regardless, the move clearly shows the NBC’s faith in the supernatural drama.

Giuntoli says he’s excited about the move and the possibilities it could bring. “I think it’s all very exciting. I think that NBC is showing a lot of faith in Grimm by moving us to Tuesday nights,” He said. “I think actually what they wanted to do was hopefully The Voice can start getting some of our followers. I know that show’s been struggling,” Giuntoli joked.

On a more serious note, he comments that it could bring in a whole new audience to the show. “We’re very excited to expose Grimm to an entirely new audience and, you know, scare and befuddle the whole new segment of the population.”

Grimm - Season 2

When asked about whether or not Nick and Juliette would be getting back together, Giuntoli left his answer vague. Giuntoli explains, “As far as Juliette goes, you know, I think we’re going to be seeing us kind of patching things up — turning things around a bit. And I’m sure that in Grimm fashion they’ll find some way to make that as difficult as humanly possible.”

Despite being vague on the possiblites, Giuntoli does seem to back the relationship for his character. “I hope we have to talk about things in a real way before we get back together,” He said. “You know, I think Nick’s a guy who knows what he’s done to her and would probably do anything to get her back. So I think he’d wait for a long time.”

The actor also dropped a bomb when he teased a character may not make it through the Grimm season 2 finale. Giuntoli explains, “I would also say the cliff hanger of this season is — I don’t know how the writers are going to get themselves out of this corner that they’ve painted themselves into — one of the cast may not live through the finale.”

Giuntoli also teased that we may see Nick’s mother and Adalind’s baby in the Grimm season 2 finale.

Who do you think could die in the ‘Grimm’ season 2 finale?

Photo credit: Scott Green/NBC

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