Simon Cowell and company are actively searching for hosts and judges to fill the empty slots left open following the mass firings that went on after X Factor season one.

Now we’re learning that Darren Criss was offered a job hosting the talent show!

E! Online broke the news, but Criss fans needn’t get too happy or sad:

Mr. Criss politely declined the gig, according to a source.

The Fox show’s original host, Steve Jones, was dumped for the upcoming second season as were judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

I’m told Criss decided not to join Simon Cowell & Co. because of his busy schedule, plus he’d rather spend his time singing and dancing than hosting. “They were after him,” a show insider said. “But there’s no way he could have done it with everything he has going on.”

Do you think Criss would have made for a great host? Steve Jones, X Factor’s season one judge, was let go after not living up to expectations.

My opinion: While Criss is obviously very talented, I don’t think we could have been any better than Jones when it comes to hosting.

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