Darren Criss and his brother Chuck Criss are now a band! Check out Computer Games’ debut EP, Lost Boys Life and listen now!

Update (March 8): Listen to Darren and Chuck Criss’ new EP: Lost Boys Life. Their band, Computer Games, will perform their first live show tonight in NYC, but you don’t have to wait to hear the new jams!

During a Teen Vogue Instagram live session yesterday the brothers revealed the track listing and described that their process organically lent itself to the 80s dance-vibe of “Every Single Night.” As for the title of another track, “We Like It,” the Criss brothers describe it as an anthem for not explaining why you enjoy the things you do. You just… like it!

Check out Lost Boys Life on Spotify or download the entire EP on iTunes! Tracks include, “We Like It,” “Every Single Night,” “Lost Boys Life,” and “Lost Boys Life (voice memo).”

Watch ‘Every Single Night’ music video

Original (March 2): The boys are back and better together. Darren Criss took to Instagram to announce a new musical collaboration. Computer Games will feature Darren Criss and his brother Chuck Criss coming together to create all new original music.

When will the music be released? Next week! That’s right, Darren and Chuck Criss are dropping new music Beyoncé-style.

Darren Criss announces new music

In case you didn’t notice, the world has undergone a Darren Criss original music drought since the conclusion of the Listen Up tour in 2013. A few Broadway turns as Hedwig and J. Pierrepont Finch returned Darren to the stage, but television kept drawing him back.

Beyond Glee, Darren remains in the Ryan Murphy universe. His brief stint on AHS: Hotel saw him ordering pretentious meals before Kathy Bates murdered him.

Luckily, his next venture is far more appealing as he is set to play the role of Andrew Cunanan in Murphy’s Versace: American Crime Story. This is set to air as the third installment of the series. Both Cunnan and Criss are half Filipino, making the casting that much better.

Darren Criss Chuck Criss band

Chuck Criss kept himself busy with the band Freelance Whales. The indie rock group originated in New York City with Chuck and fellow bandmates Judah Dadone, Jacob Hyman, Kevin Read, and several others who are no longer with the group.

The group’s last song, “Hyde,” came out in 2014. Chances are you’ve heard the Freelance Whales before. Their music is featured in many shows including Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill, and, ironically, Chuck.

Both Criss brothers are incredibly talented musicians. Each of them plays a wide variety of instruments ranging from drums, to piano, to guitar, to synthesizer, and even the glockenspiel. Writing, composing, you name it these two have done it and done it well.

They are also no strangers to collaboration. Chuck Criss performed some of the songs for his brother’s Team Starkid web series, Little White Lie. Chuck and Darren are frequently seen supporting each other’s work either right on stage, or in the front row. In 2012 they covered Bob Dylan’s “New Morning” for Amnesty.

Fans of both Criss brothers’ musical careers have clamored for a very long time for the duo to write and produce music together. At long last, that day has finally come!

While there is not much on the website, you can check out the Computer Games page and sign up for future announcements!

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