Darren Criss has given a rather confusing clue about the future of Glee as he hints at an upcoming appearance by someone from his past. But does he mean his own past or his character’s?

When interviewed on the red carpet for the Los Angeles première of Struck By Lightning – the dark comedy penned by (and starring) his Glee co-star Chris Colfer, he spoke more candidly than he usually does when he’s pushed for a Glee scoop. Darren states “There’s somebody who’s going to show up in an episode, that if people know where I come from […] Someone’s gonna show up. It’s really great.” You can watch the interview snippet below:

The question we’re asking is this: does Darren mean someone from his own life’s back-story will be appearing on Glee, or does he mean someone from Blaine’s? If it’s the latter, we suspect that he means the upcoming Sadie Hawkins-themed episode – hardcore Blaine fans will remember that he “ran away” from his first school to attend Dalton Academy after he asked a male friend to a Sadie Hawkins dance and the pair were beaten to a pulp after the dance. This aspect of Blaine’s history was never addressed again, but it seems hard to fathom that it will not come up in the episode entitled “Sadie Hawkins,” set to air when Glee returns on January 24. Perhaps we will meet his date or one of the attackers?

However, the phrasing used “where I come from,” makes it sound more like Darren means someone that his fans will know in relation to his own past – and that points a big arrow straight at Team StarKid. Darren’s fellow University of Michigan alums are trained performers currently pursuing varied careers in entertainment, both with StarKid Productions and individually, and any of them could potentially appear on Glee as a guest star. Joey Richter, the Ron to Darren’s Harry in StarKid’s most famous work, the Very Potter Musical trilogy, even read for the role of Blaine’s pursuer Sebastian, though the part eventually went to Grant Gustin. Gustin has since become a client of CESD, the same agency that has represented Darren and StarKid since their early days, so it’s not implausible that someone else in Team StarKid could have been sent in to audition for Glee. In a nice little reverse of that scenario, StarKid’s Lauren Lopez auditioned for the role of Remy in Struck By Lightning, and although she did not land the part, she does have a cameo appearance in Chris Colfer’s film.

Pretend that we’re correct and that another StarKid has landed a Glee role. Depending on how big the part is, we’re assuming it’s going to be one of the group’s strongest singers as well as actors, and we’re going to guess that it’s someone currently living and working in Los Angeles. So, taking those those factors into consideration, we’re going to hedge a bet on Brian Rosenthal.

Which StarKid would you want to see reunited on-screen with Darren? What kind of role do you think they should play?

Our last theory on this topic is that the appearance will be from Disney and Broadway star Lea Salonga, to play Blaine’s mother. It would just about fit with what Darren stated, about if people know “where he comes from” –  the first thing he ever put online, before StarKid, was his series of YouTube Disney covers, and also literally where he comes from, his nationality as a Filipino like Lea Salonga.

Which theory do you like the best? Blaine’s past, a StarKid guest, or Ms Salonga?

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