Fans love to show their support for who they admire, and this method of wishing your star a Happy Birthday is one of the most impressive.

A banner plane – that is, a plane with a banner trailing behind it with a message of the purcahser’s choosing – was purchased by a group of Darren Criss fans to fly over the Los Angeles skies yesterday, February 5. The banner read, “Happy 26th Darren Criss. The Sky’s the Limit” and circled Paramount Studios, where Glee is shot, for a hour.

Luckily, Criss was on set that day and was excused from inside the studios so he could head out and take a look at the gift from his fans. He shot this video of himself checking out the plane and message:

Fans outside of Paramount Studios captured the plane on video to prove it happened, in case Criss wasn’t able to see it:

We’ve personally seen this type of fan dedication happen once before. While at The Perks of Being a Wallflower Los Angeles premiere last year, fans rented the same type of plane to fly a message over Los Angeles for Logan Lerman. Unfortunately, Lerman didn’t actually attend the premiere. We captured it on video, though. Below is a still:

Logan Lerman's banner plane

Criss seemed very impressed by the banner, and we applaud the fans for organizing such a treat!

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