The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray release date is finally revealed and it’s sooner than the rumored release date we reported a few weeks back.

On December 4, The Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray and DVD will hit store shelves and online retailers. A few weeks back it was reported that the film would be available on December 7, but it looks like we’ll have it a bit sooner than we thought. Just in time for Christmas, and works out considering nearly all DVD/Blu-rays are released in the U.S. on Tuesdays. The U.K. release date will be December 3, considering most of their DVD/Blu-rays are released on Mondays.

Update: The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray release date has now been confirmed as December 4.

You may remember that rumors began swirling about an extended cut of the film when special features from the DVD were leaked which revealed that additional scenes from Bane’s past were shot but were never added. It was assumed that such a scene could be included as a deleted scene or a special feature, but if we know Nolan, this will most likely not be the case. The Dark Knight Rises DVD/Blu-ray will still be an incredible seller, as it has gone on to break 1 Billion at the worldwide box office and is still chugging along in some countries over seas.

The dedicated crew over at were the ones who spotted the released date in the description of a trailer on Youtube that Warner Bros. released which we’ve included a screenshot of below. You’ll notice that they (indirectly) confirm that The Dark Knight Rises will be available for purchase and download on December 3.

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