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Top 8 reasons to love ‘Daredevil’s’ Foggy Nelson

Matt Murdock may be the muscle and mind behind Netflix’s Daredevil, but Foggy Nelson is its heart and soul. We explore the best moments of the beloved character.

Foggy Nelson is Matt Murdock’s best friend and business partner. They’ve known each other since college, where they studied to become lawyers. Instead of taking a job at a prestigious firm, they decided to strike out and form their own practice. And so Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law, was born.

Elden Henson brilliantly portrayed Foggy as the loveable, intelligent, sassy, and caring person he is. So, without further ado, let’s break down the best moments of Daredevil‘s Foggy Nelson. (Spoilers ahead.)

He knows how to make a woman happy.

Especially if that woman is the mother of a cop he needs to ask a favor of. Foggy is one of the best and most kind-hearted characters on Daredevil, but sometimes you have to go outside the law to uphold it. Lucky for Murdock, Foggy isn’t above taking one for the team.


He’s delicious.

We can all agree there’s something disarmingly adorable about Foggy Nelson, right? Maybe it’s the eternal smile, or that floppy hair, or his loveable nature. Whatever it is, we like it, and we want more of it.


He’s brilliant.

You thought Matt Murdock was the brains of the operation? Sure, Matt’s got a lot going for him even when you don’t consider his heightened senses, but Foggy’s got a law degree to equal Matt’s. He looked like a slacker in college, but he knows what he’s doing. You may be delicious, Foggy Nelson, but that’s doesn’t mean you’re not a shark, too.


He knows Ultron is inevitable.

We can see it now — when Daredevil season 2 rolls around, Foggy isn’t going to let anyone forget that he called Ultron’s rebellion right from the beginning. Okay, so maybe he was talking about an uncooperative fax machine, but he was closer to the truth than even he knew.


He’s a hero.

Remember that time Foggy saved Mrs. Cardenas and Karen and didn’t even notice he had been impaled? Foggy was more concerned for everyone else’s safety than his own. What Matt does as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is an incredibly brave thing, but sometimes it’s the regular people who show the most courage.


He’s hilarious… even when he’s hurting

Okay, show of hands, who didn’t cry during “Nelson v. Murdock”? Episode 10 cut us right to the bone because the inseparable best friends were suddenly on opposite sides. Foggy found out about Matt’s secret, and he was more than a little miffed — not just because his best friend didn’t tell him, but because he didn’t exactly agree with what the man in the mask was doing. But Foggy still found a way to make us laugh.


He isn’t afraid to speak the truth.

Because let’s be real. The costume is kind of over the top.


Plus, he’s just *Foggy*.

Do we really need to say anything else?


What was your favorite Foggy Nelson moment on ‘Daredevil’?

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