9:00 am EST, January 18, 2018

Daniel Radcliffe’s new action film ‘Beast of Burden’ looks intense

Daniel Radcliffe is stepping into the realm of action movies in the trailer for his latest film, Beast of Burden.

Since his Harry Potter days, Radcliffe has consistently made very interesting choices when it comes to the projects he takes on. In his latest, Beast of Burden, Radcliffe plays Sean Haggerty, a pilot who has been working for the cartel as a drug mule.

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He teams up with the DEA to run “one last job” (what could go wrong, right?) to get his sick wife the treatment she needs. However, things quickly deteriorate and his final job becomes deadlier than he ever imagined as he must choose to align with the cartel or honor his deal with the DEA.

The trailer has us curious, for sure. Beast of Burden seems like quite the departure from Radcliffe’s other work, and the film looks more like a low-budget action flick than we’d expect for a Daniel Radcliffe movie. And with the film employing the action classics of “this is my last job” and “I need to do this crime to save a loved one,” we’re curious what drew Radcliffe to the role.

However, with Radcliffe starring alongside the incredibly talented Grace Gummer, we can’t help but wonder if there is more to this film than meets the eye to have drawn in such talented actors.

After all, the trailer makes it look like Radcliffe spends a great deal of the film alone in the cockpit of his Cessna. That kind of intense, solo acting is a real challenge that only seasoned actors can do well. If the film has a solid script and truly compelling storyline, this movie might be more than your standard cartel-infused action flick.

We can check out Radcliffe’s first foray into the action genre soon. Beast of Burden will be released in select theaters, VOD, and Digital HD on February 23, 2018.

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