Kill Your Darlings star Dan Radcliffe continues to promote his new film which premiered at Sundance on Friday in Park City, Utah. In this interview, the actor shared more insight into slipping into a gay role.

There was also fun talk about working with co-star Dane DeHaan (Chronicle), who he’s developed a bromance with. “Dane and his wife sort of had what they termed a ‘staycation’ at my apartment in New York in the two weeks leading up to Christmas, and we had New Year’s together as well. It was really cool. I cannot speak highly enough about Dane,” raved Radcliffe to Vulture. “How brilliant he is at his job is only surpassed by how he goes about his job, if you know what I mean.”

In Kill Your Darlings, Radcliffe and DeHaan play Beat generation poets who are gay. Radcliffe’s character Allen Ginsberg loses his virginity to another character earlier in the film, and we hear about what sounds like a very meaningful scene:

Q: I love that in that scene, Ginsberg turns the light off before he loses his virginity, and the man he’s with turns it back on. I feel like that’s saying a lot in just one moment.

A: Yeah! The other important moment is when he’s about to start having sex with me from behind and I just grab him and turn myself over. John said that Allen would want to face him, that he would want it to be a still and intimate experience. I think it’s a very powerful sequence, and John thought he hadn’t seen that moment portrayed in a film in the way that he wanted it portrayed, that loss of virginity. He was really on a mission with that scene, and I hope I helped be a part of that.

Finally, Radcliffe shared a funny experience between him and director John Krokidas when the actor wasn’t kissing passionately enough. “I guess I was way too hesitant about it in the moment, and John just went, ‘No! Kiss him! Fucking sex kissing!’ That was my favorite note that I’ve gotten, probably in my career. [Laughs.] Especially with the world that I’ve come from! The things that directors have shouted to me in the past usually involve which way I have to look to see the dragon.”

Read much more with Radcliffe, including his thoughts on how the project relates to his work with The Trevor Project, on Vulture.

Kill Your Darlings has not yet been picked up for distribution, but a release is expected this year. Check out Kill Your Darlings reviews which have been very positive.

(Pictured above: Radcliffe and DeHaan exhibiting their bromance at Sundance.)

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