4:45 pm EDT, October 16, 2013

Damon Lindelof exits Twitter – possibly due to continued outcry over ‘LOST’ finale

Damon Lindelof, best known as one half of the LOST showrunning team, has departed Twitter.

The creative mind’s final tweet arrived Monday in a message which read, “After much thought and deliberation, I’ve decided t” – it abruptly ended on the letter “t.” As of Wednesday, his profile returns a “not found” error when trying to access it on Twitter.com.

While the official reason for his departure from the social networking service is unclear, Lindelof likely succumbed to the pressure’s of his Twitter audience who would frequently bash him for the way he ended his ABC drama LOST. Complaints came to a head in late September when viewers compared the Breaking Bad finale to the LOST conclusion. Television viewers told him off for not doing as good a job as the meth drama did.

The writer has also taken heat for his involvement with the Star Trek sequel Into Darkness which was panned by some critics for being an unworthy and out of touch follow up for the franchise. Edit: Although the film has an 87% average on Rotten Tomatoes, some critics and longtime fans of Star Trek did not like how the franchise has evolved to appeal to a wider audience.

Buzzfeed writer Kate Arthur says she reached out to Lindelof for comment via e-mail, but he said he did not want to talk about it.

For a writer like Lindelof, having an audience constantly nagging at you from a page on a social networking service would understandably get frustrating and hurt him creatively. By leaving, he will no longer have to feel the influence of people who freely cyber bully. “Alcoholics are smart enough to not walk into a bar,” he said in a recent interview. “My bar is Twitter.” The statement was a hint of things to come.

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