8:29 am EST, January 17, 2017

Poll: Help us rank The CW’s currently airing shows from best to worst

The CW is home to some of the best drama and comedy series on network TV. But which are the best? Help us decide by up– or downvoting each show.

Update: The winner has been crowned!

Voting is over! You can still show your support for your favorite shows by casting some votes, but as of the announced poll end date of January 25, 2017, The 100 has won in a landslide with an astonishing 121k votes. Congratulations to all the diligent fanbases that rose up and rallied around the shows they love!

Original story:

Despite the snobbish tendency to dismiss it as the ‘teen’ network, The CW is consistently proving itself to be the purveyor of thought-provoking, challenging, diverse programming that other networks could only dream of.

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The current programming slate — from soon-to-be-completed The Vampire Diaries and Reign to newcomers Frequency and No Tomorrow (which are both awaiting renewal/cancellation announcements) — has enchanted audiences, with most of the CW’s series generating strong, passionate fandoms that care about the cultural issues that the shows engage with.

But while we’re huge fans of CW shows in general, there will always be those we love just slightly more than the others. And as we prepare for upcoming season/series finales and wait for the return of beloved shows like The 100, The Originals and iZombie (and the premiere of Riverdale!), we thought it was time to take stock and decide which CW series are considered the best right now — and which are less ‘best’ than the rest.

So upvote your favorites and downvote as needed, and let’s find out where the fandoms currently stand!

Find out which of The CW’s series were recently renewed!

Tell us which CW series you up– or downvoted in the comments

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