Larry David has a unique deal with HBO in that he decides when they’re ready to shoot and run new seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Since the season eight finale in September 2011, fans have been wondering when Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine will see the light of day.

Co-star Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry’s manager on the improvised comedy, shed a little light on that answer in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly. The actor spoke to the publication while he promoted his new podcast entitled “By The Way.”

“I’d say [a new season] looks good but it won’t be any time soon,” Garlin said. “Because I just finished my movie and [Larry’s] finishing a movie that he did for HBO (the Jon Hamm-starring Clear History). So by the time he writes some more and says, ‘Do you want to do them?’ the earliest we’d start filming, if we did, would be the fall. We’ll see. But I think it’s pretty good.”

If they shoot in the fall, we’d expect that, pending an opening in HBO’s schedule, we could see new episodes in the spring or summer. For what it’s worth, season eight premiered on HBO in Summer 2011.

We’re huge fans of Curb and will keep a close eye on future Curb Your Enthusiasm season 9 rumors.

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