A new crossover short story from Rick Riordan, called “The Staff of Serapis,” will feature Sadie Kane and Annabeth Chase meeting for the first time.

The release date for the short story is April 8. This is the day The Mark of Athena will be released in its paperback version, and “The Staff of Serapis” will be included in the back of the fourth Heroes of Olympus novel.

The announcement comes via author Rick Riordan’s blog, where he also says, “In this adventure, Annabeth encounters more oddities in the subway than usual, including a two-headed monster and a younger blond girl who reminds her a little of herself….”

That younger blond girl is none other than Sadie Kane (pictured above), one of the protagonists of Riordan’s Egyptian mythology-based series, The Kane Chronicles. “The Staff of Serapis” is a followup short story to “The Son of Sobek,” which was the first crossover short story Riordan wrote. “The Son of Sobek” featured Percy Jackson meeting Carter Kane, Sadie’s brother.

If you can’t wait to read “The Staff of Serapis,” you’re in luck! Riordan has released the first few pages as a teaser.

If you’ve already bought The Mark of Athena and don’t want to buy the paperback just for the short story, don’t worry! “The Staff of Serapis” will be available as an eBook and an audiobook, read by Rick Riordan himself, sometime after the release of the Mark of Athena paperback book. There is no specific release date for either of these versions of the short story just yet.

“The Staff of Serapis” comes in at around 60 pages, which is a little longer than “The Son of Sobek” was. Riordan says he enjoyed writing this short story (“Dang, it was fun to write the dialogue between those two!”), and we’re certain we’re going to have just as much fun reading it.

Are you excited to see Annabeth and Sadie meet in ‘The Staff of Serapis’?

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