8:00 am EDT, April 1, 2016

The wait is over: ABC announces 3 hour TGIT crossover event

Ever since TGIT became a hit with shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder airing back-to-back-to-back fans have always wondered if a crossover event would happen. Well, fans can stop wondering because it’s just been announced!

Three of ABC’s most popular dramas air on Thursday nights, and all are produced by Shonda Rhimes. With all of them having the same producer and generally the same feel (let’s be honest, it feels like you’re living in one fictional world for three hours every Thursday anyway) fans were starting to wonder and petition for a crossover event that would combine at least two, if not all three, of these amazing dramas.

Their petition has been heard and answered by ABC, and the network officially announced today that a three-hour special will take place near the end of spring and beginning of early summer, once Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal have completed their twelfth and fifth seasons, respectively. How to Get Away with Murder has already finished its sophomore season, and is already renewed for a third.

Labeled as a “TGIT summer extravaganza,” this cross-over event is actually going to be around three, almost four hours long.


“This isn’t just three episodes airing after each other,” says creator and producer Shonda Rhimes. “It felt necessary to give this special the time it needs, so instead of three one-hour episodes I wanted it to be a solid three hours of pure drama. There will be commercials, so it’ll probably take up four hours of your DVR space but it’ll be worth it.”

It’s not unrealistic that a crossover event would happen in this universe, as nothing has really set the worlds of these shows apart. The synopsis of the episode confirms that things are just as plausible as we thought and further explain the special’s insane length:

“When one of the White House staff, Abbie Whelan, gets caught in a major legal battle against Annalise Keating’s best friend, Annalise and her interns arrive at the White House to help her case. In their proceedings one of the interns accidentally ignites a bomb that puts several lives at stake, including Abbie’s. Having difficult believing the legitimacy of this “accidental” bombing, Olivia Pope arrives on scene to figure this out and find justice for her former employee and friend.

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“Luckily for all of them, the heroes of Grey Sloan Memorial were in town to receive a national honor from President Grant mere hours before the explosion, so those affected by the bomb are promptly given care – but the team is missing general surgeon Meredith Grey, who was on site just moments before the bomb went off.”

That’s definitely an insane amount of drama! Rhimes was right in saying that this will be an epic three-hour event, and we can’t wait to see all of our favorite characters interacting with each other. The only thing we have to say: Did Meredith really have to get blown up again?! Really?! Leave that woman alone, Shonda. Leave Meredith alone!

Will you watch this TGIT crossover event this summer?

April fools!

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