11:00 am EST, January 19, 2018

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ turns 100! Ranking the best season 3 songs so far

In honor of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s 100th song in its latest episode of the third season, we take a look at the best songs from this season so far.

The CW musical-comedy always finds ways to reinvent itself with each season, and this one is no different, this time taking perhaps its riskiest move yet: dealing head-on with Rebecca Bunch’s mental illness, something the show up until now had only hinted at.

And sticking to the show’s standard, the songs rarely disappoint. Without any further ado, below are the top five, at the halfway point through season three.

5. ‘The Moment Is Me’

Heather rarely has her own moment, so it’s perfect the first song truly focusing on her storyline — which is more fully realized this season than ever before — skewers the “I Want” song trope. Contrasting the character’s sarcastic worldview with way-too-enthusiastic backup dancers makes for a welcome diversion.

4. ‘The Buzzing from the Bathroom’

Here’s another peak musical moment this season featuring an unexpected character, which only further proves how rounded-out the show has become with its supporting cast. Here is Tim — a background player at Whitefeather & Associates — operatically lamenting about his wife finding pleasure from a vibrator instead of him, making for hilarious juxtaposition.

3. ‘Let’s Generalize About Men’

This is the first song of the season to go viral, and for great reason. This ’80s bop — apart from being just instantly catchy — takes aim at not only men’s tendency to make blanket statements about women but even holds a mirror up to the women whose conclusions about men might not be helping to advance a dialog, either. It’s a prickly balance to strike, and this song does it backward in heels.

2. ‘A Diagnosis’

Upon diagnosing Rebecca Bunch with borderline personality disorder, the show shined an honest light on mental health and then took it one step further by giving us an inspirational tune about it. And this comes shortly after her suicide attempt, among the show’s darkest moments. The show’s ability to shift tones and make it feel natural and effortless is one of its many gifts.

1. ‘Without Love You Can Save the World’

While it may not rank among the show’s best musical numbers across all seasons, this 100th song is this season’s best so far and not just because it marks an admirable milestone. Take a look at who populates this Hair-esque moment: Rebecca, Josh, Nathaniel, Paula, Darryl, Heather, Hector, Valencia and White Josh. They’re all accounted for and singing an anti-love song. It’s something you really could never imagine seeing in season one, and it really shows just how much this show has evolved as its gone along. Here’s to more!

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