NBC has released a video with our first look at Bryan Cranston and Catherine O’Hara’s guest appearances on this Thursday’s 30 Rock.

Cranston may be known as “the one who knocks” for his bajillion-award-winning work as Walter White on Breaking Bad, but if this clip is any indication, he may be the “one who looks around 30 Rock in child-like wonder” during his appearance as Ron, Kenneth’s mother’s squeeze.

Kenneth’s mom and Ron appear to be visiting 30 Rock at a rather inopportune moment: during one of Jenna’s patented crises, this time of the “actor side project” variety. Both appear unfazed, however, and are just merely impressed to have “met” a celebrity. The only celebrity Ron has previously met was Evel Knievel’s motorcycle…or just a picture of one at least.

Kenneth-actor Jack McBrayer recently revealed that shooting with O’Hara and Cranston was one of his favorite days shooting on the 30 Rock set and this clip does seem like it would allow for a grand time, with its folksy southern accents, awful brown jacket-matching ties and Kenneth’s inexplicable disdain for Ron (Ron calling him “Kenny” certainly can’t help matters).

O’Hara and Cranston’s appearance comes at a good time for 30 Rock, whose first episode’s ratings were less than ideal. Breaking Bad isn’t necessarily a ratings juggernaut but we imagine at least a few extra fans will turn out just to see if Tina Fey and company sneakily put Cranston in the Heisenberg hat for a scene.

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