The dark clouds of mediocre network sitcoms opened up on Monday and down came a brief blinding light of October 19 justice in the form of a new Community clip. The catch? It’s only 11 seconds. The other catch? It’s not new content from the upcoming fourth season. But it’s still better than Animal Practice and both seasons of Whitney combined.

Joel McHale tweeted out the 11-second clip, saying:


Promising. Check it out below:

The quick ode is nothing short of a powerhouse performance for all involved. Pudi brilliantly repurposes Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” as a subtle satire for commodities replacing genuine affection in consumer culture. Brie’s steady and ascendent gaze becomes increasingly distressed as Pudi’s thesis becomes clearer to her.

McHale’s incline of the camera, as overseen by the shrewd directorial eye of Glover, lends a sense of escalation to both actors’ performances, really giving the scene a logical and satisfying open ending.

But of course there are some lingering questions. Who is the British voice in the background saying, “I see you’ve got it?” Got what…WHO HAS WHAT? And why would McHale post this video to “” instead of the more traditional YouTube? Is his repurposing of the common British colloquialism for “television” suggesting that season 4 may be done entirely with British accents?

Community really needs to come back soon.

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