Community may have been bumped from its original October 19 debut but star Joel McHale has still found a way to appear on TV this week (not counting The Soup, of course).

McHale will finally make his long-awaited appearance on FX’s Hamlet-on-motorcylces drama Sons of Anarchy tonight, according to Entertainment Weekly. McHale will appear as a slick con man named Warren who may or may not be flirting with someone he shouldn’t be.

The Community star’s involvement was first teased in August but four episodes had passed without his much-hyped appearance. His role will reportedly cover a multi-episode arc and find him working closely with Gemma Teller (played by Katey Segal).

McHale talked to TV Guide today, revealing a little bit more about the character.

TV Guide Magazine: I would buy a ticket to that. Okay: Sons of Anarchy. What brings Warren to Charming? Is Gemma his mark? Because that’s a terrible idea.
McHale: I will say that he has a lot of interaction with her.

TV Guide Magazine: Is he white-trash-y like the MC, or a little slicker?
McHale: He’s a little slicker. But he’s not necessarily brave. He’s a true con man in that he will try to get out of everything. On a scale of thieves, Warren would be way on the douchebag side. Whereas Robin Hood would be on the “Eh, I can bring that guy home and meet the parents” end.

He also naturally had more to say about his love for Community.

TV Guide Magazine: You can tell, listening to you guys talk about the show, that you guys love it almost on par with your children.
McHale: Well, I see those people more than I do my children. That’s not a joke. That’s the other thing: It’s the best job in the world, believe me, but it does get kind of crazy, to the point where you don’t have clean clothes. I’ve worked very hard on this thing, and so has the entire cast and crew, so that’s why I want to see it go to, uh, six seasons and a movie. Or! Twelve seasons and a theme park.

We can only hope that the “six seasons and a movie” meme continues to grow. Next up: 18 seasons and a private island terraformed into the shape of Abed’s face.

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