NBC has reportedly reached out to previous Community showrunner and creator Dan Harmon to see if he’d return for season 5.

Well, this is interesting. And worth taking enough grains of salt with to noticeably spike your blood pressure. According to Hollywookie, Dan Harmon told the audience of his popular podcast Harmontown that the peacock network had reached out to him after Community was renewed for its fifth season.

After making the comment, Harmon reportedly asked his team that the news be edited out of his podcast. This slip-of-the-tongue would be in true Harmon fashion. The most recent Harmontown episode, “Blood on the Corn,” was released on May 21, so we will have to wait until the next one is released to see if he confirms this new, exciting information. Harmontown doesn’t follow any set release schedule.

Harmon’s news would confirm Deadline’s May 10 report that NBC had reached out to the writer to helm the show’s fifth season. Their report suggested that the ousting of one-time Harmon nemesis Chevy Chase opened the door for a Harmon return. NBC has repeatedly claimed that Chase and Harmon’s soured relationship had nothing to do with Harmon’s firing. We think it seems like a bit of a stretch that one of the big four networks would make a multi-million dollar personnel decision based on whom gets along with whom.

Season 4 of Community was widely seen as creatively inferior to the previous Harmon seasons. But NBC brought it back despite both middling reception and mediocre Nielsen ratings (though no more or less mediocre ratings than the Harmon years). Perhaps the knowledge that Harmon was waiting in the wings influenced their decision. Still, this seems to be a stunning about-face and a large amount of energy exerted on a show that is constantly on the verge of cancellation.

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