Community‘s traditional Halloween episode would have been airing this Friday before NBC pulled it from its original timeslot. It remains to be seen when the Halloween episode will actually air (if it does at all), but that doesn’t mean it’s ignoring the holiday altogether.

NBC has released Community Horror Picture Show, a flash game where fans can mash up clips from Community‘s three previous Halloween episodes to make one semi-coherent mini story.

The user is prompted to pick a Halloween episode to begin with: Day of the Dead (season 2’s “Epidemiology”), Hallodean Party (season 1’s “Introduction to Statistics”) or Scary Stories (season 3’s “Horror Fiction is Seven Simple Steps”). Pick quickly though, as the game is pretty impatient and will pick for you.

You can then follow along with an opening clip before choosing between two different directions in which you’d like the narrative to go. One particularly fun choice in Day of the Dead is “Zombies” or “Aliens.” Each segment ends with a “Shocking Conclusion” or a “Cut to the Chase” option and not to spoil anything, but the “Cut to the Chase” option features a celebrity voiceover cameo that is far more satisfying than a shocking conclusion.

It’s not a full Halloween episode, but if nothing else it suggests NBC might be serious about a Community marketing push…and the music is weirdly catchy.

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