In a week Community returns to the air (March 15th, praise the day). To prepare eager fans, the show has created 3 animated episodes that will debut on Hulu Wednesday March 7. (Is this the next step towards #sixseasonsandamovie?!)

We have been waiting on the edge of our seats for the return of Annie’s boobs, Troy and Abed in the Morning and the whole Greendale gang. To whet our appetite’s for the remainder of season 3, the show is launching a three-part animated series. TVGuide gives us the synopsis here:

“We’ve been eagerly waiting to get back on the air. Abed’s Master Key is an exploration of the Dean and Abed’s relationship,” said Danny Pudi, who plays Abed.

Jim Rash, a recent Oscar winner for co-writing the screenplay for The Descendants, plays Dean Pelton, finds himself in need of some extra help around Greendale Community College. “He makes Abed his assistant and gives him the master key,” Rash said. “No one else responded to the dean’s email looking for an assistant. It was just Abed.”

This sounds magical (a la the Christmas claymation episode). Sidenote: We will now take this moment to appreciate the brains and writing-prowess of Jim Rash for winning an Academy Award [insert moment of silence here]. With his comedic power and the whole cast of Community working on the short animated episodes, what do you think will happen in the series? Will Abed bow down to Dean Pelton much like Annie did when she became assistant director when Dean Pelton shot the new PSA for Greendale?

Watch the following trailer for a sneak peek (warning … it’s a really lame preview):

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