The Community tour of inappropriately-timed holidays continues this Thursday with the show airing its first ever Thanksgiving episode. In a handful of new video interviews, the cast talks about what we can expect.

First up James Brolin talks a little more about his role as Jeff Winger’s estranged father, William.

It’s always nice to hear a talented, respected actor to sound so excited over a show we love and much like Malcolm McDowell, Brolin seems to be quite pumped. Brolin confirms that it will be be Britta, in her ongoing goal to “therapize” who engineers the meeting between the two Wingers. And what better time than Thanksgiving (other than literally every other date during the calendar year). Brolin also tantalizingly offers that maybe his character “is a bit of a misfit too.” He’d have to be to sire Jeff Winger, king of the misfits.

Joel McHale has a little more to say about meeting his dad.

It’s good to know that James Brolin still has the ability to make 25 year olds swoon on set. Classic Winger. McHale has high praise for his occasionally undervalued co-star, Gillian Jacobs and reveals the nature of the non-Jeff aspects of the episode. Apparently the rest of the gang will be at Shirley’s house, which will somehow devolve into a Shawshank Redemption scenario.

Yvette Nicole Brown alludes to the goings-on at Shirley’s without as much detail but still declares it, awesomely, “cray cray.”

Season four’s best episode arguably up to this point was its Halloween episode “Paranormal Parentage” and it’s starting to look like some holiday spirit will fare equally well in “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations.”

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