In a new video released by NBC, Joel McHale, Danny Pudi and Allison Brie share their excitement over having acting vet Malcolm McDowell on the Community set.

After beginning his career in a flash of intense youthful violence in A Clockwork Orange, Malcolm McDowell has settled down into the cushy role of being the go-to eloquent if occasionally menacing old British gentleman. He’s been an imposing presence on shows like Entourage, Heroes and Franklin and Bash and now he’s brought that presence to the Community set, where he will guest star as history teacher Noel Cornwallis in this week’s episode “Alternative History of the German Invasion.” Check out his and some of the casts’ thoughts below.

It’s nice to hear how legitimately excited the cast seems to be to have McDowell around. Allison Brie says he’s had them cracking up on set and Joel McHale even goes so far as to knight him.

For his part, McDowell comes across as quite impressed with the show and its fans:

“It’s so irreverent and ridiculous that I like it. It has a hardcore group of fans who really love it. Great cast, relaxed set. They’ve been very welcoming to me and fun. They immediately treated me as one of them.”

The history class the Greendale gang will be taking is the same one they signed up for in the premiere, which was three weeks ago, in a bit of bizarre scheduling. Chang will also be making his first appearance since the season four premiere.

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