“Troy and Abed airing sooooomeedaaay!” The cast of Community (yes, everyone. Even Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong and Jim Rash) has a released a special video message for the show’s fans.

The video was first released via Joel McHale’s twitter account and subsequently tweeted out by every other cast member, save for Danny Pudi and Jim Rash (we’re sure they’re getting around to it).

It features the birth of what is sure to come the official Community fan holiday, much like July 31 for Harry Potter fans or May the Fourth for Star Wars fans, in October 19.

Troy and Abed shuffle in for their familiar “Troy and Abed in the Morning”routine but use the forum to announce that the “powers that be” have decided to move the show’s date from October 19 to…well they’re still not sure. But that’s quite alright since everyone knows that October 19 is just a state of mind.

The whole video is a welcome treat but the best, and most fortuitously-timed moment comes near the end. Abed acknowledges that while this move may seem illogical, the minds behind the shift know what they’re doing. At that moment Dean Pelton bursts in and says “Annie’s Boobs wanted her own show and I said yes!” This is clearly lampooning Community’s loss of the monkey who “portrays” Annie’s Boobs to the new NBC show Animal PracticeAnimal Practice, by the way, was just canceled yesterday and replaced by Whitney (the other show NBC pulled from October 19 along with Community), meaning that Annie’s Boobs is now free to do as she pleases and Dean Pelton needn’t worry about the monkey’s availability after all.

McHale teased the release of the video yesterday during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying: “We shot a little sketch with everybody. The whole cast will tweet it on Friday. We will send it out and I think it will be on the NBC website as well.”

The video was Gillian Jacobs’ idea, according to a tweet from Yvette Nicole Brown, which makes this a rare occasion in which Britta most certainly did not “Britta” anything.

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