Jason Alexander, an alum from another NBC classic, Seinfeld, will be guest starring in one of the last few episodes of Community’s season 4.

The once and always George Costanza tweeted out yesterday:

NBC would later confirm Alexander’s appearance without offering any further details about what it will entail.

The kneejerk reaction here would be that Alexander plays into the show’s post-Chevy Chase plans in some way. But since Chase will still be present in the season finale, it’s equally likely that Alexander’s role is unrelated to the Chase incident.

We do know, however, that Community could be planning some darkest timeline and “futuristic paintball” action for the back half of the season and that’s where a Seinfeld alum could come in handy…especially one who can easily grow a darkest timeline goatee.

Alexander has turned the brief TV guest stint into an art as of late, showing up on Two and a Half Men, Harry’s Law, Franklin and Bash and American Dad all within the last two years. Season 4 of Community looks to be no stranger to guest stars itself with Tricia Helfer, Brie Larson, James Brolin, Malcolm McDowell and Matt Lucas slated to appear.

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