The gang hears wedding bells…and promptly ruins them on Community season 6, episode 12. Check out our recap and share your thoughts on “Wedding Videography.”

The Save Greendale crew (minus Shirley and Troy, plus Frankie, Elroy, Chang and Dean Pelton) have always been as thick as thieves. “Wedding Videography” continues a long, grand tradition of TV comedy that exposes why having five-seven best friends for over six seasons can be quite toxic.

Abed, meta and omniscient as he always is, seems to sense an “are we codependent?” episode coming along because he is behind the camera for all of it. Ostensibly, he’s supposed to be recording a very important moment in Jeff Winger’s classroom. Garrett invites Abed in to record because his slide show presentation for extra credit is really just a marriage proposal to the out-of-his-league Stacey. Much to Jeff’s surprise, Stacy accepts. Just like that, the gang has a wedding to go to.

On the big day Abed films Annie and Britta getting ready. They’re joined shortly thereafter by a very awkward Frankie who clearly doesn’t understand this whole female bonding thing. Thankfully for her, Jeff, Chang, Pelton and Elroy burst in at that moment. Jeff thinks they have to be at the wedding in 45 minutes but Annie and Britta lied about the time so they’d have more time to hang out. This extra time doesn’t stop them from losing track of time anyway though and they have to make a mad dash to the ceremony.

They arrive mid-vows and cause a small scene with their aggressive shushing of each other and Chang’s insistence on tumbling through a bush.

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This is the first inclination that friend group might be a little too concerned about themselves and not enough about the, admittedly very weird, Garrett. Garrett’s mom approaches them and tells them as much. They respond by all breaking off on their own or into smaller groups to lessen the destruction they bring when they’re together. Britta has fun dancing by herself. Elroy resumes his past addiction of encouraging white people. Frankie and Annie talk about their own addictions but really are just subtly revealing they both have feelings for Jeff.

Fate then dictates that the gang get involved again. Garrett’s brother “Bones” has relapsed so now Jeff must give the wedding toast. His toast begins a little rocky but it seems like he’s got everything under control when he sweetly points out that Garrett’s grandmother and Stacey’s great Aunt Polly were born in the same town. Though when he asks them to introduce their two relatives, Garrett and Stacy realize that his grandmother and her great aunt are the same person. They’re cousins.

“Britta, we’re all the worst right now so why don’t you just take the day off,” Dean Pelton tells Britta as the group commiserates about the damage they’ve caused. Only Chang feels like he isn’t better off alone. And just as the group is about to break up, Chang proves that having friends has made him a better person. He springs to Garrett and Stacy’s defense and gives an impassioned speech, telling them they should stay together despite their familial relation. They agree and the wedding is saved.

“Wedding Videography” also features probably the best post-credits tag of the season, where the actual writer of the episode, Briggs Hatton, addresses the camera and gives a series of facts on incest then says the producers would only let him write the episode if he appeared on camera and accepted full responsibility.

There are no fourth, fifth, six or seventh walls left to be broken on Community.

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