Greendale is full of Level 7 Susceptibles on Community season 6, episode 7. Check out our recap and share your thoughts on “Advanced Safety Features.”

Due to Community‘s turbulent behind the scenes history and near-constant cast shake-ups, it may have trouble hitting the emotional high notes of seasons 2 and 3. But as “Advanced Safety Features” displays, regardless of who cycles in and out of the cast, Community never has a problem with producing pure, unreserved humor. “Advanced Safety Features” is a comedic highlight of the now half-over season 6.

The Greendale crew is planning for the upcoming homecoming dance around the study table when Frankie brings up that some local colleges in the area are reporting an influx of guerrilla marketers on their campuses. She advises that everyone needs to be on high alert for any signs of such marketing. Predictably Dean Pelton then bursts in raving about the Honda Fit and how he must own one immediately.

The reason for the Dean’s sudden Honda devotion is the reappearance of Greendale’s most effective guerrilla marketer: Subway, er, Rick. Annie tells Britta that the man she knew as “Subway” and fell in love with years ago is back, this time hawking another product. Annie promises not to let Britta out of her sight so she can’t fall back in with Rick, but Britta is much too fast for her. She runs away and finds the now-bearded and still very handsome Rick (Travis Schuldt a.k.a. Keith Dudemeister) guerrilla marketing for Honda. Britta tries to resist but she and Rick hook up in his very spacious and clean Honda.

Meanwhile, Annie and Abed are concerned that Elroy doesn’t feel like part of the group so they organize a game of the popular ’90s game: “The Ears Have It.” The game goes swimmingly (save for Chang’s obvious cheating) and before long Elroy is exchanging inside jokes with everybody…everybody but Jeff that is. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Elroy loves everyone in the group just fine except for Jeff.


Britta doesn’t want to get back involved with Rick since his addiction to guerrilla marketing ruined their relationship last time. Rick’s mysterious Honda boss (Billy Zane, also sporting a stellar beard), however, convinces Britta to give guerrilla marketing a try alongside Rick. The happy couple proves to be incredibly adept at selling people on the virtues of Honda. Unfortunately, it becomes clear to Britta that Rick is never able to be anything other than a marketer. He can’t even turn off his sales pitch mode when meeting Britta’s parents. And worst of all: he refuses to admit he doesn’t like Avatar.

At the same time, Jeff books Elroy’s favorite band for the homecoming dance, Natalie is Freezing. Elroy, however, becomes upset. Unbeknownst to Jeff, Elroy dated the lead singer and she broke his heart. Elroy visits Britta’s bar and the two help each other realize their next steps. Britta accepts the contrite Rick back into her life and Elroy decides to admit to the leader singer of Natalie is Freezing (who isn’t named Natalie) that she hurt him once but he’s moving on.

Elroy’s mission is far more successful. He stands up to Julie and immediately becomes friends with Jeff because Jeff finally admits he wants Elroy to like him. Britta, however, realizes that Rick cannot change. He is captured by Greendale security and kicked off campus for trying to sell Dean Pelton a fleet of cars.

“Advanced Safety Features” ends with everyone accepting truths about themselves: Britta is a Level 7 Susceptible, Jeff wants people to like him and Frankie just wants to play steel drums. Another productive day at Greendale Community College.

What did you think of ‘Community’ season 6, episode 7?

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