NBC has released several photos in advance of Community‘s eighth episode of the season, “Herstory of Dance.” Check them out here!

Look, let’s not bury the lead here. That image of the dean in a black-and-white outfit is pretty terrifying. We don’t know who or what he’s trying to be other than the nightmare fuel. But thankfully, the rest of the photos aren’t quite as traumatizing.

Most notably we have Annie hanging out with a fairly Annie-esque redhead and Abed fronting a live band with whom appears to be Sophie B. Hawkins on the guitar. Who is Sophie B. Hawkins, you ask? Let’s consult the official “Herstory of Dance” synopsis.

Dean Pelton plans a Sadie Hawkins dance and Britta plans a competing Sophie B. Hawkins dance – When Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) plans a “Sadie Hawkins” dance at Greendale, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) plans a competing “Sophie B. Hawkins” dance in protest – but the joke is on Britta – who has confused Sophie B. Hawkins with Susan B. Anthony.

Of all the ways Britta has Britta’d, this may be the Britta-est. Here is singer-songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins:


And here is famed American civil rights pioneer Susan B. Anthony:


Seems like a reasonable mix-up.

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