6:00 pm EDT, March 15, 2013

Colin Morgan talks lending voice to ‘Merlin’ Facebook game in new interview

Earlier this week, the official Merlin Facebook game announced that they would be releasing a five part video series about the making of Merlin Game. Read more about what Morgan had to say about the recording process and watch video clip from Merlin Game below!

Today, Merlin Game has released the first video in the series which features none other than Merlin‘s very own Colin Morgan talking about the process of recording voice overs for the game itself!

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The first part in Merlin Game‘s making-of video series gives fans a wonderful inside look at what went on behind the scenes when Colin Morgan visited Bossa Studios to lend his voice to the game.

“It helps going in to do the voice over stuff stuff having had five years of the show to build up to it — It’s all been building up to this moment for Merlin!” jokes Morgan in regards to what it takes to prepare for the voice overs.

The short video clip also features Morgan reading lines as Merlin’s older alter-ego, Dragoon the Great, who, as fans of the show know, young Merlin transforms into when he needs to disguise himself in the series.

Morgan says slipping in and out of the different accents for his game voice overs “feels reasonably natural” now, having had to do it for five years on the set of Merlin.

Additionally, the actor also spoke about the big difference between recording for film and recording for audio.

Morgan explains that being in a studio setting makes you more aware of cadences you might have when you speak that you wouldn’t normally notice.

“There’s other things to worry about in terms of things that you’re probably not aware that you do [like] the clicking that your mouth makes when you talk,” says Morgan. “[It’s] fine for filming but when you’ve got a mic that’s [close] sometimes you have to go back and redo the line.”

Finally, Morgan shared some words about both experiencing Merlin Game and playing a role in enhancing the experience for players.

“As an actor, you want to be involved with a good script and a good story, but then there’s the little kid in you that wants to wear Indiana Jones’ hat and have an action figure and be a game character,” says Morgan. “Definitely, this is one of those little boxes checked.”

Watch Colin’s full interview below!

Don’t miss out on all the fun — be sure to head over to Facebook and play Merlin Game for yourself!

Did you know our very own Merlin podcast, sat down with a few of the Merlin Game creators back in November for a special in depth discussion about the making of the game as well as some fun Merlin talk, too? Be sure to listen to this very special episode of Talks of Camelot, featuring game creators Luke and Leo!

What did you think of Merlin Game‘s first behind the scenes video?

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