A few months ago, we told you some of the Game of Thrones actors were set to star in the upcoming movie, Arthur & Lancelot. Warner Bros. put the movie on hold in January due to budgetary constraints – but it has now been brought back to life, with new casting.

Potentially becoming as big as the Sherlock Holmes franchise, Kit Harington and Joel Kinnaman were originally rumored to portray the respective title roles in the new spin of the Arthurian Legend.  However, now that the project died and came back to life, new casting is occurring because “neither of the actors had sufficient star clout to carry something of this nature.”

Nothing is official yet, but it looks as if Colin Farrell is in the works to play the role of Lancelot.

Are you upset Harington and Kinnaman are no longer on the project? Do you think Farrell could pull of a comedic movie?

Thanks to Hollywood Reporter for the tip.

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