11:05 am EST, November 6, 2018

Cole Sprouse gets a new outlook on life in ‘Five Feet Apart’ trailer

Cole Sprouse is heading to the silver screen in a new romantic drama, Five Feet Apart, and we’ve got our first look at the film’s trailer.

Ever since Cole Sprouse came back on the scene as Jughead Jones on Riverdale, we’ve all been a bit obsessed with the actor. And while he absolutely kills it onscreen as Jughead, Sprouse is branching out a bit in a new role on the big screen, starring in the new romantic drama, Five Feet Apart.

Five Feet Apart tells the story of a teenage girl, Stella Grant (Hayley Lu Richardson) who spends most of her life living in a hospital thanks to her cystic fibrosis. Her life is extremely regimented and structured to help her fight CF, and that is put to the test when she meets a new CF patient, Will Newman (Cole Sprouse).

Because of the restrictions of having CF, Will and Stella (and any CF patient, for that matter) must be at least 6 feet apart at all times to avoid giving another CF patient their bacteria, further complicating their fight to survive. But those rules get tougher to follow when Will and Stella’s attraction to one another grows.

Stella and Will must find a way to grow their relationship together while also keeping one another healthy. It’s a delicate balance that they must walk as they find a way to not only continue surviving with CF, but to thrive and live their lives to the fullest with CF.

Even more interesting, the makers of this film worked hard to make sure Five Feet Apart was a realistic portrayal of life with cystic fibrosis. While we’re sure they took some liberties here and there for the narrative’s sake, the filmmakers worked closely with Claire’s Place Foundation and the late Claire Wineland, a CF patient and advocate, to bring a realistic portrayal of CF to the big screen.

It’s a great extra step to ensure more responsible storytelling that movies don’t often take when dealing with the topic of serious illness. We’re glad to see that Five Feet Apart took correctly representing life with CF seriously.

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The trailer makes this movie look like a sweet teenage love story with a great deal of depth, and with Richardson and Sprouse as the romantic leads, this movie should be one you can’t miss. Five Feet Apart opens in movie theaters everywhere March 22, 2019.

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