Reboots and sequels are all the rage, but Clueless is getting one in an interesting way — as a comic book series!

Clueless is inching toward its mid-20s, but it’s still important today, as proven by continued interest in the property.

Now, according to EW, a follow-up to the hit movie is coming from an interesting place. Amber Benson, best known as Tara from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is teaming up with Sarah Kuhn to create a comic book based on the character.

BOOM! Studios will be putting out the comic and Siobhan Keenan will be doing all the artwork. A tentative cover can be seen below.

Amber Benson is ecstatic to be working on the project. Read about why this movie means so much to her:

“I was 17 when I auditioned for Clueless and, sadly, didn’t get a part,” said Benson. “But I remember reading the script—tentatively titled As If — and thinking: If they do this right, they are going to kick some serious butt. So I wasn’t shocked when Clueless turned out to be a pop-culture phenomenon. All these years later, I am tickled that I finally get to be a part of its continuing legacy, and that I get to collaborate with two people I respect greatly: my co-writer Sarah Kuhn and our editor Shannon Watters.”

The comic, also titled Clueless, will “take place during Cher, Dionne, and Tai’s senior year, as the three best friends try to figure out what’s next.” It’s set for a summer release.

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