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Why is Cisco Ramon sticking around on ‘The Flash’?

Why was the cure necessary if Cisco is just sticking around for another season?

Throughout The Flash season 5, Cisco was faced with a dilemma: Create a cure for meta-human abilities and decide whether or not to use it on himself. After much consideration, Vibe was no more… but why?

Rumors were swirling throughout The Flash season 5 that Carlos Valdes would be leaving the superhero drama come end of season, and the ending seemed to confirm this. Cisco Ramon gave up his meta-human abilities to live a “normal” life and be able to settle down with his new girlfriend, Kamilla.

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But if Valdes is sticking around for The Flash season 6, and Cisco is going to continue working with Team Flash (in a similar capacity to his role in season 1), what was the point?

Cisco Ramon on The Flash

No need for this story

The meta-human cure was an important part of the story in taking down Cicada. Clearly, the team hadn’t done that in other timelines, which is why they were never able to catch Cicada (and there was only one Cicada to stop, not one and the future version of his niece). But, other than that, there was not a real need for a meta-human cure to be introduced, especially because it’s going to, realistically, be the solution to most of Team Flash’s problems.

More importantly, Cisco Ramon and his obsession with completing the formula and take the formula came out of nowhere. Much like Barry, Cisco has loved being Vibe and loved what his powers have added to his life. It wasn’t until Barry returned from Flashpoint and Cisco’s brother was dead — which had nothing to do with Cisco, really — that he even questioned his path in life. Then, his breakup with Gypsy cemented it.

For some reason, it was just outside Cisco’s purview to see that just because he had these powers did not mean he had to use them. Cisco genuinely believed his only solution was the cure and ridding himself of the abilities that have proven to be so useful over the last four years.

Earth-2 Cisco Ramon

Cisco Ramon’s future

So, if Carlos Valdes is still sticking around The Flash for the foreseeable future, why bother stripping Cisco Ramon of his powers (which are very useful and could come in handy with the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover imminent)?

The argument that he couldn’t have powers and a normal life is just ridiculous. Cisco’s powers were completely controlled at the point when he got rid of them and he was often useful to the team when Vibe-ing a past event or helping them get to the scene of a crime faster.

I could see this argument hold up if, in fact, Cisco did leave Team Flash to pursue a life as an ordinary scientist with Kamilla in tow. But staying on Team Flash, powerless, and with everyone remembering Vibe exists (because they aren’t aware he cured himself), puts Cisco and his girlfriend in even more danger. Central City is full of meta-humans, and even if he didn’t want to fight, he was a sure way to make sure people, including himself and his loved ones, were safe.

As The Flash has progressed, more focus has been put on the superhero-y aspect of things, as Barry has had his super friends fighting by his side in recent history. Trying to revert backwards, especially in The Flash season 6, is going to have consequences because it isn’t the same show.

Focusing more on the science-y aspect, while Caitlin is also in the field, seems like a mistake. What made it work originally was that the team behind Barry was composed of geniuses with Cisco, Caitlin, and Eobard Thawne. A team of scientifically-minded individuals with different areas of expertise coming together to help Barry use his unbelievable powers. That’s changed.

Caitlin is now in the field as Killer Frost, there’s a new Wells every five minutes, and Iris leads the charge from Star Labs while the rest of them lead the charge in the field. Iris isn’t a scientist and shouldn’t be forced to fill a role to challenge Cisco because it’s not possible. I really don’t see this change to Cisco going back to the lab full-time working in The Flash‘s favor.

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 8 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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