Pop superstar Christina Aguilera is back on top of the charts with the haunting duet “Say Something” with A Great Big World.

Check out the new song below:

She’s also receiving critical acclaim for her contribution to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack titled “We Remain.”

Many are commenting on Aguilera’s ability to appear vulnerable and sing with raw emotion as well as hit the big notes that many of us can only dream of. Going through her huge backlog of work, there are a lot of gems that many outside of Ms. Aguilera’s fan-base don’t know… but definitely should.

If you like “Say Something” try… “Save Me From Myself”

A little gem on Disc 2 of Aguilera’s album “Back to Basics”, the track’s simplicity is what makes it a standout song. Similar to “Say Something,” this track highlights how powerful Aguilera can be when she reigns in those killer pipes. It’s simply her and some guitar and violin with pal Linda Perry (the songwriter who penned one of Aguilera’s biggest hits, “Beautiful”).

If you like “Oh Mother” try… “I’m Ok”

Anyone who doesn’t cry when they hear this song has no soul – there, I said it! Aguilera has been open about the domestic abuse she witnessed and experienced growing up, and wrote this song as a healing process. This song becomes even more impressive when you find out Aguilera recorded this on the floor of the studio in one take. The take you hear on the official recorded album is the first take she ever recorded, you can also hear her crying as she sings.

If you like “Hurt” try “Blank Page”

“Lord knows I’ve been no saint” croons Aguilera on this heart-wrenching ballad written by Sia Furler. The music is akin to a lullaby but showcases Aguilera’s vocal ability with its stunning lyrics. Once again she proves she’s the little girl, with one big voice.

If you like “Ain’t No Other Man” try… “Slow Down Baby”

It’s a shame this track wasn’t one of the first singles Aguilera released from her album Back to Basics, (although with over 4 million copies sold and hit singles like “Ain’t No Other Man” and “Candyman” she really didn”t need to). This track epitomizes what Aguilera was trying to do with this album – 1930/40s music with a modern twist. “Slow Down Baby” absolutely nails this theme, it has big band music, giant vocals and is downright sexy. It was released to radio for the Australian leg of her tour, and still managed to get to Number 20 without any promotion.

If you liked “Beautiful” try… “Soar”

“Soar” can be described as “Beautiful” with a faster tempo, both songs retain the same message of rising above hate and criticism. An uplifting ballad that could easily have been a single, Aguilera’s voice truly does “soar” here.

If you like “I Turn to You” try… “I Am”

A standout track from Aguilera’s 2010 album Bionic, a beautiful love song that highlights how true love means accepting each others flaws. Unfortunately with the bad press surrounding Bionic, a flop first single (by her standards) and the unfavourable comparisons to Lady Gaga, there was no way the public were going to give anything off this album a chance. Now”s the time to revisit this underrated classic.

If you like “Fighter” try… “Best of Me”

“Aren’t you tired of throwing stones? Trying to kick me when I’m down?” This empowerment ballad is unique in its focus on the hurt that comes with bullying, there’s a brave honesty in admitting that “hate” is hurtful rather than putting on the “I don’t care what others think” facade that a lot of us do. She”s broken, bleeding, knocked down but will not be defeated. There”s a lot in this song that many of us can relate to. Think “Fighter” but in a ballad form.

Honourable Mentions:
“You Lost Me”
“Birds of Prey”
“Walk Away”

Are there any unknown Christina gems we’ve missed? Sound off in the comments!

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