Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is out promoting his latest film Delivery Man, and he took some time to talk to Hypable about his favorite scene from each movie.

In our exclusive interview, we asked Pratt what his favorite scene from Guardians of the Galaxy is, as well as what he liked most about filming the upcoming Delivery Man

We know that in Guardians we’ll see him share the screen with aliens, assassins, and talking racoons alike, but in Delivery Man, Pratt had more fun splitting the spotlight with his child co-stars, who share a number of hysterical moments with him in the film.

Excitement for Guardians of the Galaxy has been slowly piling up, seemingly increasing with every tweet, casting announcement, and leaked Comic-Con trailer that surfaces.

We’re still waiting on an official trailer, but if our memory serves us correctly, we may have already glimpsed the moment that he’s talking about in the leaked Comic-Con trailer that we swear we never saw.

“In the first fifteen minutes of [Guardians], you see me in this place,” said Pratt. “That’s where we shot the very first day, and to me that was like the best day because I was just like – I could not believe the scope of the set that we’re on and what was happening all around me, and the costume I was wearing, and the wind and the water and the rain, it was just like, really amazing. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see the movie, and that was my favorite.”

Since we’ve now confirmed that this is one of the first scenes of the movie (and the first one that Pratt filmed), it may be safe to draw the conclusion that this is Star Lord’s grand character introduction.

We actually asked Pratt if it would be the first time we saw Peter Quill (A.K.A. Star-Lord) in the film, but he just smiled like a charismatic gentleman and went on about how awesome the experience was in general. We also discussed how cool he is as a person, as well as how the majority of people sitting in the audience at the Emmys and the Oscars are actually severely depressed people despite their fame.

Are you excited to see the hilarious Chris Pratt in ‘Delivery Man’?

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