Thor shows off his new armor when actor Chris Hemsworth arrives in Bourne Wood, Surrey, on the set of Thor: The Dark World.

After weeks of filming in England without the god of thunder, the Thor sequel’s production appears to be on the move, as many of the main cast, including Jaimie Alexander battle it out on a massive set in Surrey. You might do a double take in a few of these photos when you notice Hemsworth’s stunt double, looking strikingly similar to the Austrailian leading man.

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If you were hoping to pick up the first Thor film on Blu-ray in the Marvel Phase One collector’s set, you may be waiting a while. Disney has been sued by a German luggage company due to the use of the Tesseract case seen in The Avengers film and have been forced to push back the release date to sometime in Spring 2013, with a revised case that will hold all of the Marvel films from the past few years.

It was also recently reported that Kat Dennings would be reprising her role in the Thor sequel and that she would be seeing an expanded role due to her hit TV show.

Thor: The Dark World’s release date is set for November 8, 2013 – joining many other Marvel films such as Iron Man 3, which is headed to theaters on May 3.

Image source: Daily Mail

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