8:00 pm EDT, July 26, 2014

Chris Evans talks ‘Snowpiercer’ controversy and inspiration

Chris Evans spoke with us at San Diego Comic-Con about his new film Snowpiercer, and how it has influenced his directorial aspirations.

There is more to Chris Evans than Captain America, and the Marvel star is eager for you to know it. Evans can currently be seen in Snowpiercer, a dystopian action thriller set in the confines of a speeding train.

Evans portrays Curtis, the leader of a rebellion against the upper class who occupy the front carriages on the Snowpiercer – a train that travels around the world, carrying the last remnants of humanity.

Unfortunately, the film has been plagued by distribution troubles. It was released on August 1, 2013 in South Korea to rave reviews, and was acquired for American distribution by the Weinstein Company. However, the company wanted the film to be recut, making it shorter and losing certain sequences.

Fans showed their frustration at the delays through the creation of the “Free Snowpiercer” campaign, and it seemed to work – the film is now in wide release in the United States.

We asked Evans if he was surprised by the passion of the fan response. “I’ve been surprised about everything about this movie. Every movie you make, you hope people will enjoy it, but this movie has surpassed all of my expectations across the board,” he said.

He diplomatically refused to give his opinion on the distribution delays, saying “I am a little green. I don’t know if I have an opinion in terms of how it could or should have been released.”

Evans has spoken in the past of his aspiration to transition from acting into directing; he recently directed his first film, 1:30 Train. We asked how working with visionary director Bong Joon-ho has influenced him in his capacity as a director.

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“My capacity as a director,” he mused, before describing the atypical approach used by Joon-ho. “Bong will shoot the edit in his mind. There is no footage of me saying certain dialogue. He shoots the movie according to what he sees in his brain. It’s the most bold, terrifying thing I’ve ever seen any director do, but obviously it worked out.”

So is that an approach he plans to adopt? Evans laughs, “I would never be that confident, but it worked out. It’s one of those amazing things that you can do when you’re that powerful of a filmmakers.”

Snowpiercer is in cinemas now.

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