11:00 am EDT, June 13, 2015

Quiz: Which Chris Evans character are you?

Hey now, we can't all be Steve Rogers.

Before (and even after) he was the Steve Rogers that we’ve come to know and love, Chris Evans played a slew of very different characters. In celebration of his birthday, we want to know which Chris Evans movie character you are!

One of the things we love most about Chris Evans is his ability to play a wide array of different characters. From jerks to sweethearts, loners to “All-Americans,” he’s played them all (and played them all really well). After looking through his filmography, it’s hard not to wonder which of Chris Evans’ movie roles you’re most like.

The results of this quiz could radically change your life. After all, you’re not only about to discover or confirm characteristics about yourself, you’re also going to find out which Chris Evans movie you’ll probably want to watch every day for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

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Whether you find out that you’re #twinsies with Colin from What’s Your Number? or that you’re pretty much the epitome of Steve Rogers in civilian clothing, there really is no wrong answer when it comes to finding out what Chris Evans character you’re most like.

In fact, we hope that you got a result for a movie you’ve never seen before! Watching a Chris Evans performance that you’ve never seen before is quite a fun ride. We highly recommend it.

Anyway, now that you’ve got your results, we encourage you to watch your on-screen twin persona and see just how alike you are! It’ll be fun!


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Which Chris Evans movie character are YOU most like?

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